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Interested in signum+ ?

You want to learn more about signum+? Do you want to know how users can interact on screens in your company, your location or your event? Send us your contact details and we will get in touch with you. Also, feel free to email us directly hello@zebresel.com.

Demo access is currently severely limited due to our beta phase.

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Made in Germany

signum+ is a product from Zebresel. We are an agency for digital media from erfurt (germany). With signum+ we design the steering of screens as simple as possible.

Co-operation partner

To reach a hight degree of quality in the presentation of content we focus on Innlights Display Solutions. They confer a distinctive appearance of her brand through impressive placement in view of the consumer. They will set the scene authentic and unmistakable through the innovative lighting technology.

Innlights // Display Lighting Screen // www.innlights.de

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